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Berlin Guide or with photos for hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
Restaurants: Gourmet, Traditional, Trendy or Cafe; Booking is recommended, best restaurants are also listed under 'Hotels'
(14) Aigner; Restaurants: Trendy; Diners with a table at the window can enjoy the splendid view over the Gendarmenmarkt, the best table is the chancellor's table, original Viennese Art-Nouveau interior and excellent New-Viennese cuisine, main course EUR 15-20; Tel: +49-30-20375 1850; Fax: +49-30-203751859; Franzoesische Strasse 25; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily noon-1am; Tube: Franzoesische Strasse; e-mail: info@aigner-gendarmenmakrt.de; website: www.aigner-gendarmenmarkt.de Aigner (c) Elegant-Lifestyle

(15) Altes Zollhaus; Restaurants: Traditional; Situated on the pituresque bank of the Landwehrkanal in an old half-timberd house, here you can have the traditional German cuisine in a cosy atmosphere, the duck is recomended, main course EUR 15-23; Tel: +49-30-692 3300; Fax: +49-30-6923566; Carl-Herz-Ufer 30; 10961 Berlin ; Open: Tue-Sat from 6pm; Tube: Prinzenstrasse; website: www.altes-zollhaus.de

(16) Alt-Luxemburg; Restaurants: Gourmet; Karl Wannemacher does not believe in trendy design or cuisine, steadfast believer of the conservative old-fashioned classics, main course EUR 24-30; Tel: +49-30-323 8730; Fax: +49-30-3274003; Windscheidstrasse 31; 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: Mon-Sat from 5pm; Tube: Charlottenburg; e-mail: info@altluxemburg.de; website: www.altluxemburg.de

(18) Bamberger Reiter; Restaurants: Gourmet; For years one of the top classic gourmet restaurants in Berlin, it is now focussing on Austrian cuisine, intimate atmosphere in three small dining rooms with classic country interior, main course EUR 15-18, no credit cards accepted; Tel: +49-30-218 4282; Fax: +49-30-2142348; Regensburger Strasse 7; 10777 Berlin-Schoeneberg ; Open: Tue-Sat 5.30pm-1am; Tube: Spichernstrasse; website: www.schloss-glienicke.de/baframe.htm

(19) Borchardt; Restaurants: Traditional; In the 19th century, Borchardt was a meeting place for the city's elite, since 1992 the dining room with its high marble columns has regained its status with celebrities and politicians, such as Karl Lagerfeld or Gerhard Schroeder, main course EUR 14-25; Tel: +49-30-2038 7110; Fax: +49-30-20387150; Franzoesische Strasse 47; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 11.30am-midnight; Tube: Stadtmitte; website: no website available yet Borchardt (c) Elegant-Lifestyle

(20) Cafe am neuem See; Restaurants: Trendy; The best beer garden in Berlin is located at the picturesque lakeside in the Tiergarten, the place to go on warm summer evenings in a rustic environment, main course EUR 8-13; Tel: +49-30-254 4930; Lichtensteinallee 1; 10787 Berlin ; Open: Mon-Son 10am-11pm; Tube: Zoologischer Garten; website: no website available yet

(21) Cafe im Literaturhaus; Restaurants: Cafe; In the most expensive shopping street of Berlin, this charming coffee house is situated in a small park, poetic and literature readings are often held here, ideal for breakfast, lunch or a coffee break, main course EUR 10-16; Tel: +49-30-882 5414; Fasanenstrasse 23; 10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: daily 9.30am-1am; Tube: Uhlandstrasse; website: no website available yet Cafe im Literaturhaus (c) Elegant-Lifestyle

(22) Einstein, Cafe; Restaurants: Cafe; A Berlin classic: Viennese coffee house ambience in a beautiful old villa with garden, the waiters seem sometimes to be slightly arrogant, TV presenter Alfred Biolek and conductor George Solti were spotted here, main course EUR 18-20; Tel: +49-30-261 5096; Fax: +49-30-2619176; Kurfuerstenstrasse 58; 10785 Berlin Unter den Linden 42, 10117 Belrin; Open: daily 10am-2pm; Tube: Nollendorfplatz; e-mail: Ecafe@cafeeinstein.com; website: www.cafeeinstein.com

(24) Ermelerhaus, Im; Restaurants: Traditional; The restaurant is part of the gastronomic complex of a modern Art Hotel and is situated in a unique room, featuring a Rococo ceiling on the first floor of a 18th century palace, main course EUR 11-22; Tel: +49-30-2406 2904; Fax: +49-30-24062222; Wallstrasse 70-73; 10179 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Tue-Sat 6pm-1am; Tube: Maerkisches Museum; e-mail: info@artotel.de; website: www.artotel.de

(25) First Floor (Hotel Palace); Restaurants: Gourmet; Located on the First Floor in the Palace Hotel, this restaurant has its 1 Michelin Star and award from Gault Millau for years, excellent location for business lunch, which are a bargain as well as a long wine list of 800, main course EUR 30-40; Tel: +49-30-2502 1020; Fax: +49-30-2502-1175; Budapester Str. 45; 10787 Berlin ; Open: Sun-Fri 12am-3pm, daily 6pm-11.30pm; Tube: Berlin Zoo; e-mail: info@palace.de; website: www.palace.de

(26) Funkturm; Restaurants: Traditional; The 150 m (500 ft) tall radio tower, resembling the Eiffel Tower, was built in 1924, visitors can enjoy splendid views from the 125 m (400 ft) observation terrace or dine in the lofty restaurant at 55 m (180 ft); Tel: +49-30-3038 2996; Messedamm 22; 14055 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: Tue-Sun 11.30am-11pm; Tube: Witzleben; website: no website available yet

(27) Guy; Restaurants: Trendy; Four tiers of trendy interior together with an impressive renaissance-inspired courtyard create an atmosphere worthy of the classical surroundings at the Gendarmenmarkt, main course EUR 22-27; Tel: +49-30-2094 2600; Fax: +49-30-2094 2612; Jaegerstr. 59-60; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Mon-Sat 12am-3pm and 6pm-1am; Tube: Franz. Strasse; e-mail: info@guy-restaurant.de; website: www.guy-restaurant.de

(28) Heising; Restaurants: Traditional; With velvet curtains, carpets, silver cutlery and a fireplace, guests have the feeling of a private living room, classic French Cuisine and excellent service from the well educated owner and his wife; Tel: +49-30-302 5515; Fax: +49-30-302 4186; Rankestr. 32; 10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: Mon-Sat from 7pm; Tube: Kurfuerstendamm; website: no website available yet

(29) Kaiserstuben; Restaurants: Traditional; An old-fashioned location, used to be opposite the Pergamon museum now in the Palais am Festungsgraben, with creative new cuisine; Tel: +49-30-2061 0548; Fax: +49-30-20452981; Am Festungsgraben 1; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Tue-Sat 6pm-1am; Tube: Friedrichstrasse; e-mail: info@kaiserstuben.de; website: www.kaiserstuben.de

(30) Le Cochon Bourgeois; Restaurants: Trendy; The ideal location for a romantic or contemplative dinner in stucco ambience, soothed by the sentimental tunes of the live pianoplayer (every day from 8 to 11.30 pm) those who have not booked in advance, take a drink at the bar; Tel: +49-30-693 0101; Fax: +49-30-6943480; Fichtestr. 24; 10967 Berlin ; Open: Tue-Sat from 6pm; Tube: Suedstern; website: no website available yet

(31) Leysieffer; Restaurants: Cafe; Leysieffer sells the best pralines, cakes and sweets in town, the smallish cafe on the first floor has a breathtaking lavish ceiling; Tel: +49-30-885 7480; Fax: +49-30-88574819; Kurfuerstendamm 218; 10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: Cafe: Mon-Sun 10am-7pm; Tube: Kurfuerstendamm; website: www.leysieffer.de Leysieffer (c) Elegant-Lifestyle

Lutter and Wegner (East) (c) Elegant-Lifestyle (33) Lutter & Wegner am Gendarmenmarkt; Restaurants: Traditional; Founded in 1811, destroyed during the war and finally re-opened three years ago just a stonethrow away from the old place, but fashion designer Jil Sander or actor Pierce Brosnan were already here, main course EUR 15-22; Tel: +49-30-202 9540; Fax: +49-30-2029 5425; Charlottenstrasse 56; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 11am-2am; Tube: Franzoesische Strasse; website: www.lutter-wegner-gendarmenmarkt.de

(32) Lutter & Wegner 1811 (in the West); Restaurants: Traditional; Founded in 1811, destroyed during the war and re-opened in West Berlin after the war for long the only Lutter & Wegner successor, main course EUR 12-20; Tel: +49-30-881 3440; Fax: +49-30-881 9256; Schlueterstrasse 55; Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: daily 6pm-midnight, bar -1.30am; Tube: Savignyplatz; website: www.restaurantlutterundwegner.de

Margaux (c) Elegant-Lifestyle (34) Margaux; Restaurants: Gourmet; A new stylish and elegant creation of interior design, French modern cuisine, wine list (boasts 600 wines, including 30 different kinds of Chateau Margaux) and choice of cheese, excellent location near the Brandenburg Gate, main course EUR 34-49; Tel: +49-30-2265 2611; Fax: +49-30-22652612; Unter den Linden 78, Entrance Wilhelmstrasse; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Mon-Sat noon-2pm and 7-11pm; Tube: Unter den Linden; e-mail: info@margaux-berlin.de; website: www.margaux-berlin.de

(35) Maxwell; Restaurants: Trendy; Located in a beautiful old brewery setting and interior courtyard, Maxwell was one of the first to establish and up-market trendy setting in the former East-Berlin; Tel: +49-30-280 7121; Fax: +49-30-28599848; Bergstrasse 22; 10105 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 6pm-midnight; Tube: Rosenthaler Platz; e-mail: maxwell.berlin@t-online.de; website: www.restaurant-maxwell.de

Opernpalais (c) Elegant-Lifestyle (36) Opernpalais; Restaurants: Cafe; A breathtaking selection of German cakes is on display at this large old-fashioned coffee house, the place to go for traditional German coffee time or just for a light snack before the opera next door; Tel: +49-30-202683; Fax: +49-30-2044438; Under den Linden 5; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 9am-midnight; Tube: Friedrichstrasse; e-mail: opernpalais@berlin.de; website: www.opernpalais.de

(37) Paris Bar; Restaurants: Traditional; Well known Berlin Classic with a rather chaotic French interior and Bistro Food, popular with VIPs and super models, such as Nadja Auermann and Claudia Schiffer, reservation required, main course EUR 10-24; Tel: +49-30-313 8052; Fax: +49-30-3132816; Kantstrasse 152; 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg ; Open: Noon to 2am; Tube: Uhlandstrasse; website: www.parisbar.de

(38) Paris-Moskau; Restaurants: Trendy; The restaurant is named after a former railway station between Paris and Moscow, excellent cuisine, traditional atmosphere and dignified service; Tel: +49-30-394 2081; Alt-Moabit 141; 10557 Berlin-Tiergarten ; Open: daily from 6pm; Tube: Lehrter Stadtbahnhof; website: www.paris-moskau.de

(39) Portalis; Restaurants: Trendy; New Berlin subsidiary of the well-known Munich Gourmet Temple Tantris, the creative international cuisine is more convincing than the modern interior design, main course EUR 26-29; Tel: +49-30-2045 5496; Fax: +49-30-20455498; Kronenstr. 55-58; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Tue-Sat 7pm-midnight; Tube: Franzoesische Strasse; e-mail: portalis@t-online.de; website: www.tantris.de

(40) Remise; Restaurants: Trendy; Ideal place for a pleasant meal on the outskirts of Berlin in the Palace of Klein-Glienicke opposite Potsdam, the menu (38-45 Euro) offers German gourmet cuisine by chef Franz Raneburger, no credit cards accepted; Tel: +49-30-805 4000; Koenigstrasse 36; 14109 Berlin-Wannsee ; Open: Wed-Sun noon-midnight; Tube: Wannsee; website: www.schloss-glienicke.de

(42) Schwarzenraben; Restaurants: Trendy; Decoration of the 1990s with chocolate, pistachio and coconut colours, the Cocktail bar 'Engelspalast' is draped with velour, original new Italian cuisine is served in the like of wild boar pate with chocolate, main course EUR 10-22; Tel: +49-30-2839 1698; Neue Schoenhauser Strasse 13; 10178 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 6.30pm-midnight; Tube: Weinmeisterstrasse; e-mail: info@schwarzenraben.de; website: www.schwarzenraben.de

(43) Vau; Restaurants: Gourmet; Very popular and trendy with excellent food by chef Kolja Kleeberg, high ceiling with minimalist design, the small courtyard is used at lunchtime, main course EUR 35; Tel: +49-30-202 9730; Fax: +49-30-20297311; Jaegerstrasse 54-55; 10117 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: Mon-Sat from noon and from 7pm; Tube: Franz. Strasse; e-mail: restaurant@vau-verlin.de; website: www.vau-berlin.de

(44) Villa Kellermann; Restaurants: Traditional; Fabulous view over the Heiliger See, good Italian food and wine at attractive prices, ideal for relaxing after Sight-seeing at Sanssouci; Tel: +49-331-291572; Fax: +49-331-2803738; Mangerstr. 34-336; 14467 Potsdam ; Open: Tue-Sun noon-midnight; Tube: Potsdam; website: no website available yet

(45) Vivaldi (Ritz-Carlton); Restaurants: Gourmet; Designed by Karl Lagerfeld this first class gourmet restaurant with crystal chandeliers has one of the most beautiful restaurant interiors in town; Tel: +49-30-895840; Fax: +49-30-89584800; Brahmsstrasse 10; 14193 Berlin-Grunewald ; Open: 12am-2pm and 6pm-11pm; Tube: Grunewald; e-mail: ritzcarltonbln@aol.com; website: www.ritzcarlton.com

(46) Weltbuehne; Restaurants: Trendy; Popular with politicians on weekdays: interesting blend of restaurant, cafe and cocktail bar, in the summer, breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in the garden, wide selection of international newspapers and magazines; Tel: +49-30-2800 9444; Fax: +49-30-28009449; Gormannstr. 14/Linienstr.; 10119 Berlin-Mitte ; Open: daily 10am-2am, Fri-Sat 10am-4am; Tube: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz; e-mail: wbb@die-weltbuehne.de; website: www.die-weltbuehne.de

(47) Zum Hugenotten (Inter-Continental); Restaurants: Gourmet; Located in the Inter-Continental Hotel near the Tiergarten, the gourmet cuisine offers fine French and regional specialities in a pleasant conservative interior, main course EUR 33-37; Tel: +49-30-2602-0; Fax: +49-30-26022600; Budapester Strasse 2; 10787 Berlin-Tiergarten ; Open: Mon-Sat 6pm-11.30pm; Tube: Zoologischer Garten; e-mail: berlin@interconti.com; website: www.berlin.interconti.com

Berlin Guide or with photos for hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

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