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Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

The Ferrari "Enzo Ferrari" (in short: the Enzo), is the top sports car from Ferrari and probably in the world during this decade, what the McLaren F1 was for the 1990s. With a limitation of 399 units, an unrivaled top speed of  217 mph (350 km/h) and a price tag of USD 650,000 it surely is one of the most exclusive automobiles on the market. The “Enzo Ferrari” was unveiled at the “Mondial de l’Automobile 2002”, the Paris Motor Show,  in September 2002. “The Enzo is a historic car for Ferrari for various reasons. Therefore, we had to chose a name with a strong symbolic significance and that was the name of the Company founder,” said Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo. “With an Formula 1 gearbox, a 6000 cc V12 engine, carbon and composite materials, the Enzo, is the perfect synthesis of four consecutive Formula 1 Championships in the last four years.” 

"This is because it is the race track itself which has been the source of the highest level of technology characterizing a unique car which is absolutely innovative and represents the quintessence of Ferrari past and present and looks to the Ferrari of the future", said Montezemolo. On presentation of the Enzo in Paris, Luca de Montezemolo also explained: "Our founder, Enzo Ferrari always wanted to see the racing influence extend to the design of the road cars. Therefore, I am particularly happy to present a car bearing the name of Enzo Ferrari in the presence of Piero Ferrari and his young grandchild", said Montezemolo, “In sport as in life, winning is difficult but it is even harder to keep on doing it. Passion, innovation technology and the desire to excite; these are the reasons behind Ferrari’s success.”

The mid-engined, two-seater Enzo is powered by a new compact, ultra-light 660 bhp, V12. The final sales number will be not 349, as initially announced, but 399. "Many collectors expressed dismay that they could not have the car, so that I was forced to say we would build 50 more, but that is all," the chairman asserted. "It will not be like F40; every car will be numbered and have my signature, and 399 is all we will make." Red is the colour of Ferrari: the red one is the most popular of all of them with 80 percent of all orders and a yellow Enzo is ordered by 15 percent of all customers, whereas five percent of customers order their cars in black." And all we can add is that this means that with F1 world champion Michael Schumacher the Enzo probably had the best test-driver in the world.

Engine: 6L V12 
Horsepower: 660 bhp / PS
Top Speed: 217 mph / 350 km/h
Peak torque: 657 Nm (485 lb ft)
Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.6 sec  (0-100km/h in 3.65)

Retail Price: starting at 500,000 pounds (645,000 euros or 700,000 dollars MRSP)

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More information on: www.ferrari.it

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